About Us

The School Locker is passionate about giving students every opportunity to unlock their potential.

Whether it is through technology, music, sport, academic text books and programs, superior stationery or unrivalled uniform and apparel quality, we understand providing students with a platform to shine is at the heart of every dedicated educational organisation.
Reputation and brand is of great value to schools and universities. The School Locker approach respects and protects this at all times. We can enhance the offering of schools and universities by facilitating a one-stop shop on campus filled with products and services aimed at bringing out the best in every student.
Our innovative campus store concept also unlocks the financial potential of schools and universities with a revenue-sharing model designed to boost their bottom line.

Retail Management Solutions

The uniform shop of yesteryear has been transformed by The School Locker into a campus store that provides students with educational products and services to unlock their potential.
Running and maintaining a uniform shop can be a costly exercise. Don’t keep your money tied up in stock and overheads or shoulder the administrative burden – let The School Locker manage this for you.
Our retail expertise can transform your operations with a number of options that will save you time and money and allow staff to focus on their core objectives.
You choose how we work for you:

  • Campus store
  • Drop-in campus store
  • Online store
  • Retail superstore

Campus Stores

The School Locker offers complete retail solutions that draw from our professional expertise and network of suppliers and manufacturers. Our campus store concept has no equal in the industry, positioning your school or university as a cut above the competition while preserving and protecting your organisation’s brand.
Our campus store product categories include uniforms and apparel, stationery, technology, sport, music and footwear.
The School Locker provides a unique platform for schools and universities to extend the scope of their brand and service offering. We understand the importance of brand equity and strive to ensure this is maintained or enhanced by delivering high quality products and services.
Schools and universities who have already made the transition to our campus stores are also enjoying a continuous monthly income stream generated by student purchases via ourrevenue sharing program.

Drop-in Campus Stores

For organisations who want to re-purpose their existing shop space or do not have a dedicated uniform store we’ve developed our state-of-the-art Drop-in campus stores.
Drop-in stores are available as 20 foot and 40 foot fully fitted units customised with your school or university name. Lease prices start at $750 per month. This amount includes all of the elements listed above and can be deducted from your monthly revenue payment .
We deliver the drop-in store with all point of sale systems and provide trained staff to manage the day to day operations. We take care of everything including all insurances. The drop-in store is delivered and stocked with your uniform or branded apparel plus a selection of sport, music, stationery and technology products which can be pre-approved by your organisation.

Online Store

Our school and university partners can choose to have an on-line store hosted on The School Locker website. This makes it easy for students to find and purchase resources, textbooks and uniforms at a time that is convenient for them. Deliveries can be made to a customers home address, their school or university campus store, or a conveniently located The School Locker superstore.
The benefits of a customised online store include:

  • Students can shop at any time.
  • Convenience of home delivery.
  • Products can vbe selected and approved by the school or university.
  • Access to products which may not be available in the on-campus stores.
  • Education partner institutions have an additional opportunity to earn revenue from their students' online purchases.

Retail Superstores

  • Open 7 days a week with late night and holiday trading.
  • Stock partner school uniforms.
  • Offer multiple cashier desks and change rooms to cater for busy periods.
  • Provide access to financial options including interest free terms, leasing and FlexiRent arrangements.
  • Stock products which may not be available in the on-campus stores.
  • Education partner institutions have an additional opportunity to earn revenue from their students’ in-store purchases.

Uniform and branded apparel specialists

The School Locker are uniform and branded apparel specialists dedicated to quality, value and service.
With an entrenched reputation for excellence – our uniform experts and hand-picked suppliers are the best in the business. We understand the importance, complexity and competing demands of a well put-together uniform.
Schools and universities want quality design, fabrics and production as well as positive brand recognition. Students and parents need value, durability and low maintenance – they want attractive, comfortable and fit-for-function options. Bringing these imperatives together is what The School Locker does best.
Our uniform and apparel range covers every requirement – from hats to bespoke blazers, school badges to bathers, tunics to tennis caps, sports tops to branded socks.
The School Locker’s end-to-end offering, and enviable buying power, means we can provide outstanding quality uniforms and branded apparel at outstanding wholesale prices – maximising the revenue return to your school or university.
In addition to our high-quality range we can also provide the added convenience of buying uniform items and apparel online or at one of The School Locker superstores – all of which flows back to our partner schools and universities as part of our unique revenue-sharing agreement

Our revenue sharing model and Student Advantage Membership provides direct financial benefits for schools and universities.

Generating Revenue
Our revenue sharing program offers partner schools and universities an ongoing income based on the value of purchases made by their students in a campus store, in one of our retail superstores or online. The revenue sharing program applies to all product categories – uniforms and branded apparel, stationery, technology, sports equipment, musical instruments and accessories, footwear and non-branded apparel. Our extensive product range offers our partners the opportunity to increase the value of this income stream

Receiving Revenue
Partner schools and universities receive a monthly revenue statement, which breaks down all sales attributed to the school or university by category, as well as the total amount payable. Revenue is deposited into a nominated bank account 

To boost this return we issue the students at each partner school or university with a Student Advantage Membership. This connects student purchases to their institution. Student Advantage Membership is recognised in all our stores and qualifies students for discounted educational pricing on technology purchases as well as providing access to a range of product specials. School students are issued with a Student Advantage Membership card. Universitiy students can simple use their university student card.

Direct Supply

If your organisation would like to take advantage of our buying power, we can develop and arrange the manufacture of your uniforms or branded apparel to be purchased at wholesale prices. The School Locker can offer direct supply solutions across all our categories including bulk purchases of technology, musical instruments and sporting equipment.

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